Eric Gordon

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Eric Gordon

Science Teacher
BA, Communication, University of Pennsylvania
MS, Environmental Studies, University of Colorado Boulder
MA, Ecology & Environmental Biology, University of Colorado Boulder

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About Me

I grew up in New Jersey, just a few miles from the ocean. After graduating college, I pursued a passion for making the world a better place by getting a job in the US House of Representatives, where I worked for six years as a congressional aide focusing on environmental policy. Eventually, my true love for the landscapes and way of life in the western US became too strong, and I moved to Colorado in 2007 to earn a master’s degree in Environmental Studies from CU-Boulder. With that degree in hand I served as the Managing Director for the Western Water Assessment program, focusing on climate vulnerability and water resources in the Mountain West. During that time, I taught over 7,000 students in a massive open online course (MOOC) entitled “Water in the Western US.” After five years, I finally realized that I truly loved teaching, and completed a science teaching program at CU-Boulder while also getting a master’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biologyand teaching freshman biology laboratory courses. Now at ECA I teach biology, astronomy, and environmental science, and I’m also an advisor.

Why I Teach

I teach for the moment when someone says, “Oh! That makes sense now.”

I teach so that my students will have the skills to succeed in college and in their future careers.

I teach for all of the students across the country who don’t receive a good education.

I teach so that students can understand science, think critically about the world around them, and make the world a better place for people from all walks of life.

I teach because I am always learning, and I want to pass on the joy and excitement of learning.

I teach because it’s way more fun than a desk job.

I teach because it gives me a captive audience for my bad jokes.