David Langley

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

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David Langley

Math Teacher
BA, Economics & Math, Saint Anselm College
MA, Public Policy Analysis – Research Methods, University of Southern Maine
Post-Graduate Studies, Math Education – Secondary Mathematics Certification

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About Me

    Learning, discovering, teaching, and guiding, I have spent most of my life in Maine and New Hampshire separated by our annual family and hiking trips to the 14ers and mountain towns of Colorado.  Beyond the classroom, outside somewhere is where I am usually found, logging miles on my bike or skis or snowshoes depending on time of year, or with my dogs any time, or sea kayaking the Maine coast in summer months.  Out on some winter summit or a lone Maine island is amazing and inspiring!  Along the way, as a trip leader and guide, I have been able to help people discover many of these challenging places.

    With my son – a CU-Boulder grad – now living and film-making in Denver, the opportunity to team up with Early College brings it all together!  In addition to these outdoor pursuits, I have my nose in a book or exploring healthy foods or planning future outings, and always learning.

Why I Teach

    It’s all about bringing people to that moment: “hey, I get it! … wow, I did it!”  Coaching and facilitating others to reach new learning and new accomplishments – there is nothing better!  As an analytical thinker, I love math and opportunities to apply it.  Along the way, I have been able to enjoy different, challenging careers that build on this.

    In the corporate world after grad school, I developed my expertise in the field of research methods and statistics, mining data for new ideas and direction.  Then, teaching math at the high school and early college levels, focused on varying levels of algebra, geometry, and calculus – working with a wide range of students from the struggling freshman facing the difficulties presented by fractions to the self-directed college-bound high school student completing college credits in algebra, calculus, or statistics.  To add to the fun, I was co-teaching an Outdoor Education elective course that allowed us to bring teens to wild new places and settings.  From there, it was 4 years as a small business owner — crunching the numbers and thriving on teamwork — while developing employees and clients.

    And now, I am in a Colorado classroom – right where I belong!

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