Dr. Danielle Ladd

Department Chair, Science
BS, Chemistry, Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado
PhD, Chemistry, Arizona State University

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About Me

    As a native of Westminster, Colorado, and alumni of Standley Lake High School, my hometown heart has always belonged to the community surrounding ECA. My journey in exploring my passion for chemistry took me to the lecture halls of Fort Lewis College and then on to the research labs at Arizona State University. My academic career culminated with the opportunity to implement my research in the practical application of purifying drinking water with the support of a small start-up company. Life then called me back to Colorado and I decided to put away my research lab notebook and pull out my teacher lesson plan book because the classroom is where I wanted to be. Once in a while, I still find myself back in the lab working on small research projects including a recent collaboration with Colorado School of Mines. My professional journey has allowed me to see the true power of studying science, and my focus is to share this knowledge and experience with my students.

    My background is in chemistry and materials science.

    My passion is teaching and sharing the excitement of science.

    My life outside of the classroom is filled with the beautiful outdoors, friends, and family.

    My professional goals are focused on changing the way students view science and highlighting the role it plays in their every day life.

Why I Teach

    I teach because of Mr Shmidt and Mrs Low in high school, Professor Browder and Dr Estler in college, Dr Seo in graduate school, and Dr Chang at NanoVoltaics. These were the teachers and mentors in my life who showed me how the true beauty and power of science are found by doing science. I want every student to have the opportunity to do science from the moment they step inside of a classroom.

    I teach because I want to inspire and foster life-long learning in every student by giving them the opportunity to see and explore the important connections of science and the real world.

    I teach because my students and their desire to build a better tomorrow inspire me on a daily basis.