The Early College of Arvada, a free, non-profit, public charter school, serving grades 6-12, partners with the University of Colorado-Denver to provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students and families. At ECA, students receive instruction from a professional and compassionate faculty committed to preparing each and every student for college.

Our University of Colorado-Denver courses are offered on ECA’s campus, by ECA faculty, through the CU-Succeed Program. Each course is offered for free.  At every grade-level, ECA students receive an academically rigorous education in a compassionate environment. We prepare each child for the challenges of today and tomorrow by inspiring wonder and creating the habits of work which lead to wisdom.

At The Early College of Arvada, our students Question Authority and Seek Excellence. As critical thinkers and creative spirits, we embrace the complexities of human history and beautiful paradoxes of science. Surrounded by a supportive, nurturing, and compassionate faculty, students discover more about the world and themselves.

Enrollment is open on a space available basis. For enrollment questions or to request more information about ECA, please contact ECA’s Enrollment Counselor Lynette Garwood: